Beta X-Trainer Fork Valve Upgrade Kit Install Guide


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0:13 Unscrew the top cap
0:22 Drain the oil
0:38 to 046 Use 10mm allen key to unscrew the bottom bolt
1:02 Use a 29mm clamp to hold the cartridge 
1:07 Loosen the lock nut with 18mm spanner and cap spanner
1:15 Remove the top cap, adjuster rod and lock nut
1:30 Remove the base valve with a 30mm spanner
1:46 Slide the external circlip down
1:57 Remove the 2-piece circlip CAUTION don’t drop!
2:18 Remove the bottom out cone 
2:39 Remove the circlip
2:43 Remove the damping rod
3:03 Secure the base valve in the soft jaw vice
3:05 Use an 11mm spanner to unscrew the base valve nut
3:13 Separate stock nut, spring seat and spring
3:21 Remove the stock compression valve 
3:28 Clean the base valve
3:39 Make sure you have a correct spring seat
3:56 Install XFACTOR compression valve
4:11 Install DFX check plate
4:16 Install STOCK spring
4:21 Install STOCK washer (spring seat)
4:32 Make sure all components are clean
4:40 Apply thread lock on base valve
4:56 Use 11mm socket to tighten nut
5:00 Apply 5Nm of torque DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN
5:05 Make sure the check plate floats freely.  
5:10 Use 18mm spanner remove the STOCK valve holder
5:20 Clean the damping rod thread. WARNING take care with the spring and needle 
5:30 Apply thread lock on the damping rod
5:35 Install the XFACTOR rebound assembly
5:39 Torque to 15Nm (ensure measurement is at 90 degrees!), (for 1st gen use 11/16 spanner, 2nd gen 17mm spanner)
5:43 Make sure the check plate floats freely
5:46 Apply small amount of grease on the piston band and insert damping rod into cartridge
6:00 Grease the compression valve o-ring
6:03 Apply thread lock on base valve
6:10 Insert the base valve attention with the o-ring
6:17 Torque 30Nm with 30mm socket 
6:27 Reinstall the external circlip
6:35 Reinstall the bottom out cone  
6:40 Reinstall the 2-piece circlip 
6:54 Relocate the external circlip in to the groove 
7:04 Reinstall the lock nut
7:10 Reinstall the adjuster rod
7:15 Reinstall the top cap 
7:26 Torque lock nut to 16Nm
7:34 Reinstall the cartridge 
7:44 Torque the 10mm allen bolt to 40Nm
7:52 Fill with 500cc (500ml) of high quality 5W oil
8:02 Stroke the damping rod up and down to remove air
8:40 Screw on the fork cap torque with 10Nm
8:49 Set the clicks per the spec supplied with the valve kit

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