DIY Fork Valve Install Guide


DFX fork valve kits come fully assembled with the correct shims for the make and model of bike, as well as any specific fitting instructions required.
We will advise the recommended spring preload measurement, oil viscosity (weight) and oil level.
If you don't know what weight of oil is used in the forks it is recommended you change the oil. Refer to service manual for this procedure.
DISCLAIMER: This product needs specialised tools to fit correctly and should only be fitted by a person with the correct tools and qualified in motorcycle suspension and trained to install the front fork valve kits to ensure the performance of this product. These instructions are an unofficial guide only, not official technical advice. DFX Parts Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the installation of this product.
Installation is as simple as:
  1. Important: You will need to be able to fully extend and fully compress the forks. Make sure bike is suitably supported by jack or other means that is both stable and allows you to extend and compress the forks. 
  2. Cover any paintwork, floor and anything else you don't want oil on and have extra rags handy. Fork oil should not affect paint etc but it does make a mess.
  3. With the forks fully extended (up), remove fork caps and any spacers/washers.
  4. Remove fork springs slowly to avoid spillage (we told you to have rags handy)
  5. Insert fork valve with bolt head down, lock nut up. Use a claw or magnetic retrieval tool to "feel" that the valve has seated properly.
  6. Set air gap. This is done with the forks fully compressed (down). DFX will often advise the exact air gap that you should have in your forks and what weight oil to use. If not, refer to service manual.
  7. Replace fork springs.
  8. Replace fork caps and any spacers/washers.
  9. Ensure there is no oil on your tyre - or anywhere else it shouldn't be.
  10. Go for a ride and enjoy, being sure to take it a bit easier than usual until you get used to the differences in the bike's handling.



Couldn't ask for a better experience, great people from day one. The Beta X-trainer valves simply transform the way the bike performs, simple and inexpensive way to make the Xtrainer that much more desirable. Hard to believe how much improvement it made.

Agenor Junior
- Sinop MT, Brazil



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