Motorcycle Suspension Upgrades

Safer. More comfortable. Faster.

Brakes - Tyres - Suspension. The holy trinity of motorcycle handling performance.

But the best tyres and best brakes in the world aren't doing their job if your suspension isn't keeping your wheels on the ground.

DFX is focussed on bringing the latest technological advancements to riders of all abilities.

Ask any track rider about how much their lap times improve when they upgrade the suspension of their bike – it makes an enormous difference.

Whether you ride on the road, track, bush or ice glaciers, better suspension improves performance and safety.

Don't waste your precious spare time not enjoying your bike. Get in touch!

We engineer, test and improve bike suspension components for everyday riders and pros alike


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Couldn't ask for a better experience, great people from day one. The Beta X-trainer valves simply transform the way the bike performs, simple and inexpensive way to make the Xtrainer that much more desirable. Hard to believe how much improvement it made.

Agenor Junior

Sinop MT, Brazil

"I didn’t realise how bad my factory forks were until I got the DFX fork valves. I immediately noticed my bike was more responsive and my handling improved. I’m confident knowing these valves have transformed my riding and overall safety. I’ll be using these valves on all my bikes in the future."

Nathan H

Buderim, Queensland

"I bought DFX’s Africa Twin front fork upgrade kit. Their shipping was quick! I’m really happy with the revalve kit performance, on tar roads it tracks 100% better then the stock forks and doesn’t have the brake dive."

Simon Whitty

Melbourne, Australia

"The dfx fork valve has made a massive difference to maneuverability and comfort. I feel I am now cornering with greater speed and confidence and the bike feels heaps lighter and more responsive. It's made a huge difference. I’m now getting far more out of my bike and the bonus is that I reckon my riding ability has improved as a result. I’m very happy, it’s a way better ride now."

Dave D

Aroona, Queensland

"I tried really hard to point her into situations that I new would affect her in a certain way, she's a very different bike now and it feels like I'm not fighting with her anymore."

Tristan D

Yandina, Queensland



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