Shock upgrade kits

DFX Shock upgrade kits - outstanding gains

Tuned and tested by us

DFX shock pistons are made of aluminium that has a similar dilatation as the shock body, meaning the clearance between the shock body and piston will be similar regardless of the temperature ranges created when under load.


Outstanding gains

The DFX pistons are also significantly less weight, meaning less inertial mass and therefore higher performance. As an example, DFX 46mm XPLOR shock pistons weighs 43g compared to the stock with 119g.

Same-day dispatch

The design of the flow ports give a big range of tuning – meaning the piston can be used in a broad range of applications such as a enduro, motocross, supercross and also road bikes, simply by changing the shim stack.

What's next?

We are building an extensive range of valves and pistons for all makes and models of bikes. If you'd like to suggest what bike we make a suspension part for, drop us a line!

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