Ballard tests DFX Beta suspension upgrades

Geoff Ballard is an icon in the bike industry. 50 years and counting. And he called us to get a set of our Beta X-Trainer XFACTOR fork valves and shock upgrade kit in a Beta demo bike. He liked them so much he's getting us to put them in his personal 300.

"Hey guys, yesterday I rode another X-Trainer with your mods done to the fork and shock, plus we had my stocker there so we knew where we were at. Anyway really liked it! Very active stuff with a lot of good feel, and reckon it’s quite a step forward that you’ve taken it to. Wish I’d had it at the 4 Day! :) Great job!"

- Geoff Ballard

The phone rang a few weeks ago and Lachie nearly fell off his chair. The one and only Geoff Ballard was calling about our new Beta X-Trainer suspension upgrades. He asked us to express post a fork upgrade kit and a shock upgrade kit for a testing session he has lined up later that week on the Gold Coast.

Beta technician Vic Martin installed the DFX kits in a brand spanker X-Trainer 300, and Geoff tested it against his own bike (which had standard front and rear). Geoff’s feedback was great.

GB has sent over his standard Beta shock so we can install our shock upgrade kit. We’re sending it back with a fork upgrade kit that he will install himself.

He’ll then do some more testing on his favourite trails and get back to us with further feedback. What a hoot to be working with one of the industry’s most respected gurus and know some of our products are belting through the bush with him.

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