Honda GB500TT / GB400TT fork upgrade kit

Honda GB400, GB500 fork valve upgrade kit

  • Easy install. Drop-in.
  • Improves BOTH compression and rebound damping.
  • No fork leg disassembly or mods required.
  • No adjustments needed - comes tuned specifically for this bike. 
  • Comes with full instructions.

This fork upgrade suits Honda's GB 500 and GB 400. All models. Japanese and California spec, all years.

These TT-style bikes are loved by their owners for their great looks and superior handling in tight corners.

Our fork valves step that to a whole new level. You will see vast improvement in how the bike holds a line through corners, soaking up undulations and even harsh bumps to stay exactly where you want to be.

Grip levels are improved due to the tyre not rebounding abruptly after the compression phase. This also means braking performance is improved - more rubber on the road for longer.

If you want to upgrade your GB to the best it can be, our fork valve upgrade kit is for you.

Simple install

These Honda GB500TT fork valve kits are developed by DFX and not available anywhere else. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install them. While the valves come with full instructions for your make and model, you can watch the video below or read the written process here >>




The following is a review from Steve Graham Jones, the admin of the largest Facebook group of GB500TT / GB400TT owners.

I went for a ride out yesterday about a 50-mile round trip from my home to Tarporley Cheshire, it was the first time in a few months and about a month since I had fitted the DFX Fork Emulators. (Steve opted to go back from progressive springs to our recommendation of linear springs - it's not mandatory, just recommended.)
The first couple of miles riding through my local town is relatively slow observing the speed restrictions and being further restricted by a number of speed bumps, this is where I first noticed a difference with my previous suspension set up of having Progressive springs up front and YSS Z series Shocks on the rear. Instead of riding over the speed humps with a sharp jolt the DFX Emulators completely smoothed the bump out.
Leaving my town onto the slightly rural section of the A57, a 3 mile stretch of road heading towards Warrington where I can ride most of it between 60 - 80mph only having to slow for a number of bends, I approach the first bend slowing slightly to 50mph feathering my front brake and knocking it down a gear before tipping into a right hander the forks seem to be so stable with hardly any dive and as I accelerate out of the bend the road is slightly rippled but I hardly feel them.
A couple of more bends another right then a left that can be took in top gear at 60 -70mph then onto a roundabout where I have to brake heavy to give way to traffic before entering. Wow - what a transformation - there is absolutely no sign of the bike diving and I was braking heavy, I enter the roundabout taking the 3rd exit onto what can only be described as a switchback road leading you on to the M6, the GB was at a constant sharp lean to the left for maybe 100 metres before merging into the Motorway traffic and the bike took it like it was on rails. A few more miles of the M6 then merging onto M56 before exiting on to the A49 the GB seems so different to how it used to be, the ride seems to be smoother and more comfortable.
The A49 is a fairly wide rural Rd consisting of some fast sweeping bends through the Scenic Cheshire Countryside but no time for sightseeing today.
I could go on and on but I am probably boring most of you by now so wanted to tell you that I think these DFX emulators will surely transform your riding experience and I am really impressed with them.
I know some of you are not interested in changing anything on your GBs and are all for originality but in my honest opinion the original 30yr old suspension is budget based and was never designed for us heavier people, if you do want to improve things this is surely the way to go and are highly recommended.

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