Harley Davidson 1200 fork upgrade kits


  • Easy install. Drop-in.
  • Improves BOTH compression and rebound damping.
  • No fork leg disassembly or mods required.
  • No adjustments needed - comes tuned specifically for this bike. 
  • Comes with full instructions.

If you are tired of your Harley 1200 wandering through corners or diving under brakes, these DFX fork valves improve plushness and handling all at once. 

These Harley 1200 fork valve kits are developed by DFX and not available anywhere else. They fit the Sportster 1200, XL1200X 48. Contact us if you have another model you'd like us to create a set for.

Featuring compression AND rebound damping, they stiffen up the performance of the front end but not at the expense of plushness. A big side-effect of getting the front to work properly means the rear starts to work better as well because the front/rear balance is improved. 

Simple upgrade

These Harley 1200 Sportster and XL1200X 48 fork valve kits are developed by DFX and not available anywhere else. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install them. While the valves come with full instructions for your make and model, you can check out the basic process here >>


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