Kawasaki KLR650 fork upgrade kit


Kawasaki KLR650 fork valve kit 2008-onwards

  • Easy install. Drop-in.
  • Improves BOTH compression and rebound damping.
  • No fork leg disassembly or mods required.
  • No adjustments needed - comes tuned specifically for this bike. 
  • Comes with full instructions.

The much-loved Kawasaki KLR650 can be even better with this fork valve upgrade kit!

We will let one of our first KLR customers, Tristen, speak for these ones, after we put a set for valves in his bike, nicknamed "Dora".

"If I had to choose three words that best describe Dora's fork upgrade they would be, predictable, poised and confident. Instead of forks that seem independent of each other - militant even - I now have a unified pair.

"Hard braking into corners, uneven surfaces, asphalt patches, corrugations all handled with poise and confidence. Tracked beautifully on fast dirt roads and rough tracks, she took a pounding through washouts, over crests and even rocks.

"It seems to have solved the see-saw effect between braking and acceleration. Also her wobble dance on some corners.

"I tried really hard to point her into situations that I new would affect her in a certain way, she's a very different bike now and it feels like I'm not fighting with her anymore.

"My handlebar feedback is positive and she feels predictable. I think I've fallen in love with her again."

Simple install

These KLR650 fork valve kits are developed by DFX and not available anywhere else. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install them. While the valves come with full instructions for your make and model, you can check out the basic process here >>

Want a better shock?

And guess what? We've also got a KLR 650 shock piston kit upgrade that will blow your mind.

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