Honda GB500TT / GB400TT fork upgrade kit

Honda GB400, GB500 fork valve upgrade kit

  • Easy install. Drop-in.
  • Improves BOTH compression and rebound damping.
  • No fork leg disassembly or mods required.
  • No adjustments needed - comes tuned specifically for this bike. 
  • Comes with full instructions.

This fork upgrade suits Honda's GB 500 and GB 400. All models. Japanese and California spec, all years.

These TT-style bikes are loved by their owners for their great looks and superior handling in tight corners.

Our fork valves step that to a whole new level. You will see vast improvement in how the bike holds a line through corners, soaking up undulations and even harsh bumps to stay exactly where you want to be.

Grip levels are improved due to the tyre not rebounding abruptly after the compression phase. This also means braking performance is improved - more rubber on the road for longer.

If you want to upgrade your GB to the best it can be, our fork valve is for you.

Simple install

These Honda GB500TT fork valve kits are developed by DFX and not available anywhere else. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install them. While the valves come with full instructions for your make and model, you can watch the video below or read the written process here >>


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