Drop-in Fork upgrade kits

Drop-in Fork valves. DIY. Simple. Brilliant.


DFX has developed revolutionary drop-in fork valves that instantaneously transform the handling of any motorcycle with conventional forks to be more like high-end cartridge forks due to the fact they have damping for both compression AND rebound.

Unlike most other solutions, they use shims rather than crude springs to control the oil flow.

We've meticulously dyno tested and improved our valves - each custom-tuned specifically to each make and model for optimum performance. 

These aren't a "one size fits all" product or one you have to adjust on your bike. You order them for your specific make and model and they come ready to install. 

"The single most important hydraulic adjustment on a motorcycle"



Simple install

Unlike most other motorcycle fork valves on the market that require fork leg disassembly, DFX valves can be installed in just minutes by dropping them in the fork leg. (Note this should only be performed by those with competent mechanical knowledge).

Upgrading your forks is as simple as dropping the valve into the fork tube and away you go.

We supply full instructions specific to each make and model.

Check out our install guide >>

Outstanding gains

We could go into the science of suspension hyrdaulics but let's break it down to simple benefits. In short, these valves will upgrade your motorcycle forks into something close to the most high-end cartridge forks on the market.

Your bike will feel more stable. It will soak up bumps (and especially the big ones like potholes) in a more efficient way, which makes it not only a lot better on your wrists and nether region when you hit them, but help the bike deal with them to ensure you stay "shiny side up".

You also don't get that pogo-stick rebound that wants to throw you off the seat, and your bike will suddenly stick to the corner lines you choose instead of drifting.

It's also a no-brainer that if your suspension isn't working well you aren't achieving optimal braking and grip levels. That's front and back by the way.

How about rider fatigue? Even small improvements in ergonomics will mean a more comfortable ride, with less physical and mental fatigue.

And yes, anyone with who is competing against the clock will see better lap times as well.

What's next?

We are building an extensive range of valves and pistons for all makes and models of bikes. If you'd like to suggest what bike we make a suspension part for, drop us a line!

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