"The valve kit is a revelation. I cannot believe how much better the bike corners on the road, but at the same time somehow soaks up bumps in the bush even better than it did before. Is this some kind of voodoo magic or what?"

- DAVE W, NX650


""I didn’t realise how bad my factory forks were until I got the DFX fork valves. I immediately noticed my bike was more responsive and my handling improved. I’m confident knowing these valves have transformed my riding and overall safety. I’ll be using these valves on all my bikes in the future.""

- Nathan H, VT750


"The DFX Fork Valve has made a massive difference to manoeuvrability and comfort. I feel I am now cornering with greater speed and confidence and the bike feels heaps lighter and more responsive. It's made a huge difference. I’m now getting far more out of my bike and the bonus is that I reckon my riding ability has improved as a result. I’m very happy, it’s a way better ride now."

- DAVE D, XVS650

"If I had to choose three words that best describe Dora's fork upgrade they would be, predictable, poised and confident. Instead of forks that seem independent of each other - militant even - I now have a unified pair.

"Hard braking into corners, uneven surfaces, asphalt patches, corrugations all handled with poise and confidence. Tracked beautifully on fast dirt roads and rough tracks, she took a pounding through washouts, over crests and even rocks.

"It seems to have solved the see-saw effect between braking and acceleration. Also her wobble dance on some corners.

"I tried really hard to point her into situations that I new would affect her in a certain way, she's a very different bike now and it feels like I'm not fighting with her anymore.

"My handlebar feedback is positive and she feels predictable. I think I've fallen in love with her again."


"I approach the first bend slowing slightly to 50mph feathering my front brake and knocking it down a gear before tipping into a right hander the forks seem to be so stable with hardly any dive and as I accelerate out of the bend the road is slightly rippled but I hardly feel them.
"A couple of more bends another right then a left that can be took in top gear at 60 -70mph then onto a roundabout where I have to brake heavy to give way to traffic before entering. Wow - what a transformation - there is absolutely no sign of the bike diving and I was braking heavy. I enter the roundabout taking the 3rd exit onto what can only be described as a switchback road leading you on to the M6, the GB was at a constant sharp lean to the left for maybe 100 metres before merging into the Motorway traffic and the bike took it like it was on rails.
"I wanted to tell you that I think these DFX emulators will surely transform your riding experience and I am really impressed with them. If you do want to improve things this is surely the way to go and are highly recommended."

- Steve Graham Jones, GB500TT Facebook forum admin and total GB addict

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